From increased bone density to better muscle mass and heart health, there is no doubt that exercising is an important part of staying healthy for women who are 40 and beyond.

Cath Julius, Clinical Director at Freedom Health Physio and Pilates, gives a few simple tips of how you can make exercise work for you.

Acknowledge Where You Are

For many women, the 40s marks a transition from the primary caregiver to re-prioritising yourself. But if you have been less active during the last 5 or 15 years it is important to acknowledge that your body needs time to recondition and strengthen. Expecting to jump straight back into your old routine from 10 years ago is setting yourself up for frustration and possible injury. 

Woman in hers 40s exercising at home

Find Movement You Love

The number one key to integrating exercise into your life is to find activities that you enjoy doing. Don’t be fooled into claims like “the best exercise for women over 40”. The only movement that works in the long term is the one that you enjoy. Take time and explore different options. What you loved when you were 20 is often different to the movement your body enjoys at 40. 

Woman over 40 exercising

Accept Hormonal Changes and Work with Professionals Who Understand

From the age of 40, the female body experiences a number of hormonal changes and the effect of these hormonal changes goes well beyond hot flushes. Many women are unaware that hormones also have an impact on soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments and even your pelvic floor. This means that some women start to experience new symptoms they have not felt before, ranging from hip pain to leakage.

But just because it’s hormonal, doesn’t mean you have to surrender and accept these symptoms. Find a health professional who understands Women’s Health and Exercise and let them guide you back to a movement routine that works for you.

Make it easy!⁠

It in order for you to commit to a new routine, make it easy for yourself. There is no point in signing up for 3 new memberships that are located on opposite sides of the city. If it conveniently fits into your week, you are more likely to regularly participate. We offer an at-home reformer pilates membership, giving you the ability to join into a virtual class, whenever, wherever! ⁠

Online Pilates Reformer Studio NZ

Can you do reformer pilates at home? 

Yes, you can! At Freedom Pilates, we have closed the loop. By bringing you the equipment, sourced and approved by us. And providing Physio-led class instruction. By offering both the equipment and the instruction, you can enjoy unlimited reformer pilates, keeping you safe and active.

You will immediately feel at home with the support of healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists while benefiting from the connections you will make with other members who you can relate to and who will relate to you.

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