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Keep doing what you love!
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"If, at the age of 30, you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If, at the age of 60, you are supple and strong, you are young." Joseph Pilates

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Long Appointment Times

Our long appointment times ensure we can address all aspects of your treatment and recovery in every session. This may include a thorough discussion of your injury and recovery plan, hands on treatment and exercise prescription. You can be certain your recovery is our priority.

In-depth injury assessments
Physiotherapy Experts Christchurch

Specialist Team Approach

The team at Freedom Health are experts in our field. Which also means, we recognise our limits, and appreciate the importance of a team approach to your injury management. We have a large network of other professionals whom we work with closely to ensure you are given the best possible care and treatment.

We Value Your Time

We know time is valuable, that’s why we commit to running on time. Our long appointments ensure we can cover everything you need within your session time and helps us to run to schedule. When you make an appointment at Freedom Health, you can be confident you’ll be seen on time, so you can get back to what’s important to you as quickly as possible.

On time physio appointment

Knowledge is Power

We strongly believe that your success is dependent on a team approach – with YOU at the centre of the team. We provide every patient with a detailed Recovery Pathway that clearly lays out the expected path to recovery. This information includes injury summaries, treatment plans and guidelines for activity including timeframes for return to sports. We ensure you are informed and aware every step of the way

Freedom Health Recovery Pathway Christchurch
Expert and thorough injury assessment

Expert Assessment

Our Physiotherapists are highly experienced and pride themselves on thorough assessment. We accurately diagnose your injury and consider all the factors that have predisposed you to injury. Our aim is to provide treatment that gives you successful, long lasting results.

Manual Therapy

Freedom Health prides itself on a “hands on” approach to treatment.  We believe a combination of manual techniques including spinal mobilisation,  joint manipulation and soft tissue massage are essential for providing relief of symptoms. These techniques are often the first and vital step to offloading joints in preparation for rehabilitation exercises.

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