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postnatal physiotherapy
Women's Health
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Our Women’s Health Physiotherapist team are passionate about supporting women to continue to do the things they love - with confidence.

Women's Health Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy is widely recognised in the prevention and management of pelvic and bladder dysfunction, pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and enhancing post-natal recovery. As professionals in our field, we understand the complexity of physical and emotional issues that can arise during pregnancy, menopause and beyond. Our aim is to educate and emporwer you to take control and restore your confidence so you can enjoy life again.

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Pregnant woman holding hands on her stomach, concept of health care and bladder aches or cystitis in last trimester of pregnancy

Expert Assessment and Treatment

Our physiotherapists can assess, treat and advise on a range of pregnancy and pelvic related issues including pelvic pain, lower back and sacroiliac pain, abdominal and pelvic floor weakness, urinary incontinence and exercise advice and programming.

Postnatal Care

Postnatal recovery and return to exercise is an area that creates many questions and each women’s experience can be truly unique. In order to support all women we offer several Postnatal Assessment options. We have solutions for those with low risk factors that are wanting to return to exercise or normal activity with peace-of-mind.  We also offer full Pelvic Assessments testing for separation and pelvic floor screening and advice. Following this detailed assessment, our physiotherapists will educate and advise you on a safe return to exercise and activity.

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Post Surgical Advice and Care

We strongly believe that the advice and care following surgery is a strong indicator of the success of your surgery and greatly improves your outcome. Whether you have had abdominal surgery, gynaecological surgery or a prolapse repair, you will benefit from our expert assessment, advice and guidance on safe return to exercise and daily living.

Beautiful young pregnant lady doing pilates in her last week before delivery.

Ante and Post Natal Pilates

Keeping fit and active during and after pregnancy is a priority. Our Clinical Pilates services include Individual Tuition and Small Group classes. Instructed by trained Physiotherapists, your exercices can be tailored specifically to your individual needs throughout pregnancy and the post natal period. You can be assured you are in safe, expert hands.

Ultrasound Assessment of Abdominal Separation (DRAM)

We understand that doing pelvic floor exercises is not easy when you are not even sure if you are doing them right. That’s why we use Real-Time Ultrasound to assess your muscle activation – it gives us more information to help with your management and often seeing the muscles on the screen can actually help you correctly activate them too.

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