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Our Women’s Health Team

Our Women's Health Team

At Freedom Health we are blessed to have a vast level of experience in Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Our collaborative team focused approach is what sets us apart. With experience in all areas of Women’s Health Physiotherapy along with the support of our partners in Pelvic Health, our team are here to help you to continue to do what you love – with confidence.


Dea Dauphinee

Physiotherapist. Women's & Pelvic Health

Dea joins the Freedom Health team having recently arrived in NZ from the US.
Dea completed a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) at the University of California in 2016 after working for a decade in the research field.
As her qualifications would suggest, Dea is a highly capable & multi-dimensional practitioner who has a
keen interest in Women’s Health and the rehabilitation goals of clients following acute, chronic, and surgically induced injuries.
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Jo Dowle

Physiotherapist. Women's & Pelvic Health

Hi, my name is Jo Dowle and I am thrilled to be part of the Freedom Health team.

As a Physiotherapist I am experienced in all Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy treatment along with specialist training in Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Through my Women’s Health interest I am passionate about helping women of all ages, be it through pre & post natal care or women later in life that are ready to make the decisions that will improve their way of life substantially.

I love helping people achieve their goals in life – whether it be playing with their children, staying fit and active in older age or competing in elite sport.

Kelly Brodie

Kelly Brodie

Women's Health Physiotherapist. Bradcliff Breathing Practitioner

Hi, my name is Kelly. Having graduated from AUT in 2004 I have a Masters Degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy including qualifications in acupuncture. My clinical interests include rehabilitation post surgery/injury, Clinical Pilates, running injury management and technique assessments.

I am a certified Bradcliff Breathing practitioner and work with clients to identify and treat breathing pattern disorders. I also have a clinical interest in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and am particularly interested and skilled at treating pregnancy related back and pelvic pain as well as guiding patients through a safe return to physical activity in the post-natal stage.

When I am not working I love staying active through football, tennis, running, skiing and yoga.

Amy Mepham

Amy Mepham

Physiotherapist. Women's & Pelvic Health

My name is Amy Mepham and I am a musculoskeletal and pelvic health Physiotherapist. I am very excited to join the team at Freedom Health!

I graduated from the University of Otago in 2009. I believe in treating holistically to get down to the cause of an injury. I like to get my patients back to what they enjoy doing as soon as possible, whilst rehabilitating them to a high level to prevent reoccurrence of their injury.

I have a special interest in helping those with pelvic pain. Whether it be painful bladder syndrome, endometriosis, vulvodynia, dyspareunia (pain with intercourse), vaginismus or pudendal neuralgia; I strive to improve my patient’s quality of life and help them achieve their goals. I also have a passion for helping women experiencing incontinence or prolapse after giving birth or later in life. I believe that all women should be able to exercise and partake in activities they enjoy confidently.

I am a mum of 2 wonderful young girls and I enjoy running and playing football.

Hazel Rolston

Hazel Rolston

Physiotherapist. Women's Health & Pilates Therapist

My name is Hazel Rolston and I am a Physiotherapist and was born and bred here in Christchurch. I am passionate about delivering excellent physiotherapy and understand what it takes to restore movement and improve strength & stability to help clients achieve above and beyond their rehabilitation goals.

Over the last few years I have specialised in the area of women’s health, treating a range of conditions including incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse and abdominal separation.

I believe pain and incontinence during or after pregnancy are common, but not normal and have a passion for educating women of all ages not to put up with these issues and seek help if they occur.

** NOTE: Hazel is currently on maternity leave – we look forward to welcoming Hazel back in late 2021**

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Women's Health Physiotherapist

Are you a passionate Physiotherapist with an interest and training in Women’s Health?

At Freedom Health we are on a mission to build a team of professionals that enjoy a collaborative team approach to support your clients while allowing you to work in your area of passion.

If you strive to improve yourself every day and are passionate about what you do, reach out to us for a chat, you never know what sliding door it may open.


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