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Online Postnatal Screening Tool

Postnatal Screening Tool

Our aim is to help you to get back to doing what you love - with confidence.

Freedom Health Recovery Pathway Christchurch

Are you a new mum?

Are you wanting to get back to exercise, or you are simply unsure about your Pelvic Floor and want to check?

At Freedom Women’s Health we believe it is important that all women have access to and awareness of  Postnatal Physiotherapy care.

Even those who feel they have had a straightforward pregnancy and birth may be harbouring muscular damage or risk factors that heighten their chance of pelvic health issues into the future or as you return to exercise. 

To help you better understand your risk factors and make a judgement on what your best pathway may be we have developed a Free Online Postnatal Screening Tool:

Happy young mother and her sweet baby.
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It doesn’t matter if you had a baby 5 weeks ago or 15 years ago –
we can help you to keep doing what you love - with confidence.