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postnatal physiotherapy
Keep doing what you love!
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Our aim is to help you return to doing what you love - with confidence.

At Freedom Health we believe it is important that all women have access to and awareness of Postnatal Physiotherapy care.

Even those who have had a straightforward pregnancy and birth may have risk factors that heighten their chance of pelvic health issues into the future. 

We encourage all women who have had a baby to come in for a Postnatal Check. Around 6 weeks post birth is ideal, however, we understand this is not always possible! It’s better to see us later than not at all.

We offer 1-on-1 Comprehensive Postnatal Assessments aswell as Self Managed Postnatal Online Programs.

Our Postnatal solutions are outlined below:

Comprehensive Postnatal Assessment

We recommend a 1-on-1 Women’s Health Postnatal check up for all new Mum’s.

In doing so we can work with you to establish your own personal experience, your risk factors and your goals and set you up for a successful recovery and beyond.

Assessments are available both in-clinic and via an online consultation (telehealth).

Once we have assessed you we may well recommend you follow one of our Online Programs to supplement and support your recovery. Please read more about these programs on this page.

Book a Postnatal Assessment and save $120 on our Online Postnatal Programs

Get the best peace of mind any new mum can have!!

Book an Assessment with one of our Women’s Health Physios before 20th July 2020 (for an appointment before 31st August) and save $120 (40%) on our Online Postnatal Programs.

Get back to doing what you love with confidence for less than $18 per week!!

Self Managed Online Programs

Are you someone that wants to know that your daily exercise habits are setting you up to recover safely from pregnancy and giving birth so you can get back to doing what you love?

Our Online Programs are designed by Women’s Health Physiotherapists to give new Mums the peace of mind that you are looking after yourself and setting up for a successful recovery over the months and years ahead. 

These can be done on their own, or as a supplement to a program designed specifically by your Women’s Health Physio to suit your needs.

As outlined below there are programs to suit Mum’s immediately post birth, or for those a little further along the postnatal recovery journey… see below for more details.

Do I need a Comprehensive Postnatal Assessment?

Have you:

  • Ever experienced bladder or bowel “leakage or urgency”?
  • Had concerns regarding abdominal separation?
  • Experienced lower back or pelvic symptoms with exercise?
  • Regularly experienced constipation during or post pregnancy?
  • Felt a bulge or unfamiliar feeling in your vagina?
  • Been about how your pelvic Floor is recovering after child birth?
  • Wanted to return to exercise, but are unsure if it is safe?

If you have answered yes to any of the above a Comprehensive Postnatal Assessment may be right for you.

All our Postnatal solutions are designed to educate you regarding all things pelvic floor and exercise related. We give you the knowledge and power to take control so you can keep doing the things that you love – for life.

Meet Our Women's Health Physiotherapy Team

It doesn’t matter if you had a baby 4 months ago or 15 years ago –
we can help you to keep doing what you love - with confidence.

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