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Dance Physiotherapy

If you are you searching for better dance or gymnastics performance, our Dance Physiotherapist can help.

Performance Enhancement

Are you looking for:

  • Improved flexibility?
  • Increased pointe range?
  • More turnout?
  • Better jump height?
  • More height in your arabesque and developpe?

Dance Physiotherapy can help. Our Dance Physiotherapist will take you through an extensive assessment to establish any issues in strength, flexibility and technique that may be preventing you from performing at your absolute best.  They will then work with you and your teachers to devise a program that will see you performing better than ever before. 

Freedom Health believes Physiotherapy is about more than injury treatment and prevention. It is about maximising your potential for movement and performance.

Let us help you get the most out of your potential

Pre-Pointe Assessments

Progressing on to Pointe is a very exciting time for any dancer. But it can also bring up lots of questions and concerns about whether you, and your feet, are ready. Our assessments cover the fundamentals required for a safe transition onto Pointe, looking closely at foot and ankle stability, posture, turnout and flexibility to make sure you are ready for Pointe work.

We will develop an exercise program specific to any areas which may require attention and work closely with your teachers so you can be confident you are ready for this exciting progression in your dance career.

Not only will these assessments help prevent unnecessary injury and time out, they will also help improve your technique for class and performance work.

Our Dance Physiotherapist will help you transition to Pointe with ease and confidence

Pilates For Dancers

Are you looking for something extra to build on the flexibility and strength you’ve gained from your hours of training and practice? Our fully equipped Pilates studio may be the answer. Working together with our Dance Physiotherapist, Erin, you can use the Pilates equipment to work on any specific areas you need to improve performance. It is a proven method, popular with Elite Dancers worldwide. 

Exercises are tailored to your goals, providing a great supplement to your training, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Use our specialist Pilates equipment to help you gain the extra edge in performance

Dance Injury Assessment and Treatment

Injuries are a frustrating and stressful time for any athlete - you just want to get back to performing as quickly as possible. Our Dance Physiotherapist, Erin understands the demands of your training and exactly what your body needs. She will help get you back to performing at your best - or even better - as quickly as possible. 

We will get you back to training and performing quicker

Freedom Health