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My Online Physio

Freedom Health Physiotherapy is now able to provide Online Physiotherapy Consultations to our community.

Available for all forms of Physiotherapy including acute injuries, preventative care, hip & back pain, Women's Health, postnatal checks and much more

Caring For You In Your Home

If you are unable to come into our clinics, we can connect with you in your home. Safe from contact with others and avoiding the need for travel, Online Physiotherapy is the most convenient and safest solution available.


Highly Secure Software

As security of client info is a high priority, we use encrypted Telehealth specific video & exercise prescription software to protect you and your privacy, both during and after your consultation.

Effective & Efficient

Research shows that assessment, diagnosis and self management through Online Physiotherapy is just as effective as traditional Physiotherapy because your therapist can hear you, see you and speak to you with empathy about your health concerns and at convenient times.

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The Same Team Approach

We strongly believe that your success is dependent on a team approach – with YOU at the centre of the team. We provide every patient with a detailed Recovery Pathway that clearly lays out the expected path to recovery. This information includes injury summaries, treatment plans and guidelines for activity including timeframes for return to sports. We ensure you are informed and aware every step of the way

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Tracking & Supporting Your Improvement

By utilising Physiotherapy specific applications, your Physio can prescribe personalised exercises for you and can see exactly what exercises you have logged and completed. Quick check-ins and conversations can then speed up the recovery process.

Take Control Of Your Recovery

With the guidance and support of your therapist, who is only an email away, you have the power and tools to self treat, manage your pain and fast track your recovery all from the comfort of your own lounge room.

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