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How Freedom Works


Our Edge

Purchasing a Ferrari is one thing, learning to drive it safely is another.

At Freedom Pilates, we have closed the loop. By bringing you the equipment, sourced and approved by us as suitable & with world class Physio-led class instruction to keep you safe and active, you can now keep doing what you love – at home & for life.

You will immediately feel at home with the support of healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists, while benefiting from the connections you will make with other members who you can relate to and who will relate to you.

Step One

Purchase your Freedom Reformer.
The Pilates Reformer is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment ever made. Our Freedom Pilates Reformers have been designed specifically with our clients in mind.

We have gone straight to the factory to ensure that we can control the quality of the product while also ensuring the price to our clients is highly competitive.

Wooden Reformer
Pilates Reformer Used By Woman In New Zealand

Step Two

Join the Freedom@Home community.
With an @Home Freedom Pilates membership, you can enjoy unlimited Pilates from the comfort of your home. 

The team at Freedom Health have developed a reputation for delivering Pilates classes that are safe, purposeful and delivering life changing benefits. Keep an eye out for our condition specific programs coming soon suitable for:

  • Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal Recovery

Step Three

Enjoy unlimited Pilates and the positive movement experiences Pilates can bring!

Getting unlimited Pilates Reformer classes, delivered by a Physiotherapist at home has never been so easy. 

Have more questions or not sure which reformer to choose. Click below to get in touch with us. 

Woman doing reformer Pilates at home
The unique benefits of reformer Pilates

More FAQ's

Yes they can. This is one of the real benefits of Freedom@Home, a really cost effective way for the whole family to exercise.

The offer a range of reformers suitable for both @Home, small studio and commercial studio use. Check out the range via here

Yes you can. Just be conscious that the quality can differ greatly and is hard to establish from an unknown source. The key is really in the quality of the components like the springs and rollers and of course the frame itself. We have removed this worry for you and offer a full warranty on every reformer (see the next question for details of our warranties).

The reformers are very sturdy and should last you for many years under normal circumstances. We approach things very much on that we will support you on a use, not abuse basis to ensure you get many years use from your reformer, but formally below is our warranty breakdown.
  • 10 year Warranty on main frame
  • 2 year Warranty on all functional parts including upstands
  • 1 year Warranty on upholstery faults (excluding accidental damage)

We suggest you should wipe down after each use with a non-abrasive, non-alcohol wipes (your reformer comes with a complimentary pack of the wipes we recommend) and keep the reformer in a low dust/dirt environment if possible. We also suggest you take the springs off tension when not in use and keep the tracks clear of dust, hair etc.

All our reformers are suited for users upto 2metres tall and 150kg. If you are beyond this it would be best to contact us to discuss.

The reformers are mostly assembled with just a few bits to attach. We provide a full instructional video for this – it is really straight forward.

Is it time to look after you?

What if you could receive Reformer Pilates classes from a Physiotherapist for just $9 per week?