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Keep doing what you love!
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Do you love Pilates but struggle to find time to get to classes?

Have you been told Pilates would be great for you, but just don't have a studio close by?

With 20+ years of Physiotherapy experience and over 15 years as a Pilates Therapist, Cath Julius understands the benefits Pilates can bring.

It was for this reason Cath pioneered the evolution of large scale Reformer Pilates classes in Christchurch and along with her team, Freedom Health has developed a reputation as the go to place for health based Pilates solutions. But what about the rest of New Zealand not to mention those that just can’t fit their lives around the class schedule?

With a mission to ensure every New Zealander has access to the benefits Pilates can bring, Cath and her team have developed Freedom@Home. Following the same formula that has made the in-studio solution so successful, you can now purchase or hire a reformer for home and join in the classes live, or partake in a library of recorded classes to suit your needs.

This is an opportunity you will not regret…. ask our 200+ in studio members… and growing list of @Home members…. they love it.

What if you could receive unlimited Reformer Pilates classes from a Physiotherapist for just $49 per month?

What our clients are saying.

I have found my thing…..

“After 10 years of struggling with back pain, I finally feel like I’ve found my thing. I have confidence and strength in my back again – I’ll be doing Pilates until I’m 75 years old”


Happy to Recommend

“I think what you guys as a company have to offer is fantastic & I recommend Pilates to anybody that I talk to as I really enjoy coming”


Word is out….

“Word is out how Freedom Health Pilates is life changing!!  I am not only pain free, but walking taller and find when I am cycling I am using my glutes/thighs more and therefore more efficient !! And i love it !🌸”


Meet Cath

In this short video Cath introduces us to the concept of Freedom@Home

Is it time to start looking after YOU?

How it works?

3 Steps to Freedom@Home

Step 1: The Pilates Reformer

The Pilates Reformer is one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment ever made and our Freedom Reformers have been designed specifically with our clients in mind. We have gone straight to the factory to ensure that we can control the quality of the product while also ensuring the price to our clients is highly competitive.

Currently available in 2 sizes the LT-1000 & LT-2000. Both reformers are made from the same high quality aluminium frame with the only difference being the length of the legs, and hence the height the reformer bed sits off the ground.

Reformer snip

Our Freedom Reformers have been designed specifically for daily Home Use & with you in mind.


  • Reinforced aluminium & steel frame on wheels for easy maneuverability
  • Studio style multi-level, colour-coded carriage springs of the highest quality
  • Single piece aluminum channel runners for a smooth un-interrupted operation
  • Lockable, quick changing and secure footbar mechanism
  • Comfortable carriage with high quality upholstery, double stitched for higher durability.
  • The reformer can be stood up on its end for easy storage.


  • LT-1000 2380 long x 680mm wide x 200mm high (at the bed)
  • LT-2000 2380 long x 680mm wide x 350mm high (at the bed)

The LT-1000 Reformer is lower to the ground and is suitable for all exercises, especially standing on, where you are nice and close to the ground for your own safety.

The LT-2000 Reformers are at a similar height to our in-studio reformers and may suit those that struggle to get down to and up from lower levels. (add $200 for the LT-2000 Reformer)

Reformers are available for viewing at our Papanui clinic or via a virtual Zoom demo, please e-mail to arrange

Are you interested in purchasing or renting a reformer? Get in touch with our team - we are here to help you.

Step 2: Join the Community

Copy of Freedom at Home (1)

Purchasing a Ferrari is one thing, learning to drive it safely is another. At Freedom@Home, we have closed the loop. By bringing you the equipment, sourced and approved by us as suitable & with first-class instruction to keep you safe and active, you can now keep doing what you love – at home & for life.

You will immediately feel at home with the support of healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists, while benefiting from the connections you will make with other members who you can relate to and who will relate to you.

The team at Freedom Health have developed a reputation for delivering Pilates classes that are safe, purposeful and delivering life changing benefits. Be it for those with specific conditions such as:

Osteoporosis            Osteo-arthritis         Back Pain           Hip Pain         Pelvic Pain                      

Or maybe you are pregnant or post-natal and wanting safe exercise solutions. When you join the Freedom@Home community world class Pilates instruction is just the beginning.

Getting unlimited Pilates Reformer classes, delivered by a Physiotherapist at home has never been so easy.

Step 3: Enjoy Unlimited Pilates - it is that easy!

"If, at the age of 30, you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If, at the age of 60, you are supple and strong, you are young." Joseph Pilates


Can my partner or kids use the reformer and classes aswell?

Yes they can. That is one of the real benefits of Freedom@Home, a really cost effective way for the whole family to exercise.

Are the reformers the same as the ones in your studio?

The reformers we have chosen for the @Home solution are designed specifically for home use. They are less bulky and cost effective, but still great quality. Our in-studio ones are commercial grade, designed for use many times each day and are valued around $6000 and are a lot bulkier due to the wooden construction.

What is the difference between the LT-1000 and LT-2000 reformers?

The only difference between these reformers is the height. The LT-2000 has longer legs and hence the bed is higher off the ground. The LT-2000 is $200 more, due to the extra legs.

Could I source a reformer elsewhere for myself?

Yes you can. Just be conscious that the quality can differ greatly and is hard to establish from an unknown source. They key is really in the quality of the components like the springs and rollers and of course the frame itself. We have removed this worry for you and offer a full warranty on every reformer (see the next question for details of our warranties).

What is the warranty on your reformers?

The reformers are very sturdy and should last you for many years under normal circumstances. We approach things very much on that we will support you on a use, not abuse basis to ensure you get many years use from your reformer, but formally below is our warranty breakdown.

3 year Warranty on frame

2 year Warranty on all functional parts
1 year Warranty on upholstery faults (excluding accidental damage)

What kind of maintenance is needed to keep the reformer in good condition?

We suggest you should wipe down after each use with a non-abrasive, non-alcohol wipe which it will keep the runners clear and running well. the reformer should be kept in a low dust/dirt environment if possible. We also suggest you take the springs off tension when not in use and keep the tracks clear of dust, hair etc.

How much does a reformer weigh?

The LT-1000 is around 75Kg fully assembled. The LT-2000 is around 85kg due to the extra legs

Do they come fully assembled?

The reformers are mostly assembled with just a few bits to attach. We provide a full instructional video for this – it is really straight forward.

Are you interested in joining Freedom@Home and taking charge of your journey to positive movement? Get in touch with our team - we are here to help you.

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