Finish the Year Strong Challenge

Are you ready to finish your year strong?

My idea for this challenge comes from a Pilates “Happy Hips” Mat Challenge I held last year – which encouraged our members to commit to 10 mins per day for 28 days straight.
The idea was to show that small things done consistently can create big changes – and it certainly proved that. I even surprised myself by how much better I felt!
I understand that it can be easy to delay your Reformer session because you don’t quite have enough time (or energy), but I want to prove that keeping it short and simple can lead to significant results. Everyone can find 15 min in their day!
So here’s the plan – 10- 15 min simple sessions, 5 days a week for EIGHT WHOLE WEEKS. That brings us through to Christmas, and looking ahead to a stronger 2022!
I look forward to seeing you in class soon!
Cath x
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