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Individual Initial Assessment

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Clinical Pilates Christchurch

What To Expect At Your Initial Assessment

Detailed History

In your initial assessment our experienced physiotherapist will firstly take a full medical and physical history. This is vital to ascertain any factors that may make certain exercises unsafe for you, and any factors that may predispose you to injury.

Goal setting and program planning

In order to design a program that is relevant to you, our physiotherapists will clarify your goals. These goals may be as simple as getting up in the morning without pain and stiffness or as big as competing in a triathlon. We will work with you to create the program that fits your life to create the movement and life you want.

Full Physical Assessment

The physiotherapist will also perform a general physical assessment looking at your movement, strength and control. If you have any specific injury issues, more time will be taken on these specific areas.

Introduction to pilates exercise and equipment

The Initial Assessment will also include an introduction to the philosophy of Pilates and some of the core principles and exercises involved. If appropriate, your physiotherapist can introduce you to some of the equipment we use to facilitate movement and give you a feel of what moving with support and freedom feels like.

Individual Initial Assessment $99.00 (45mins)

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