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Class Descriptions

In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a new body" Joseph Pilates

Clinical Pilates Christchurch

Move Well Pilates - All Levels Class

Suitable for beginners through to experienced Pilates students. This class is taught at a slower rate to focus on form, technique and confidence. Whether you are a beginner student looking to learn the Pilates Method, or an experienced student looking to refine your fundamentals, your body will enjoy the movement, strength and control you gain from this class.

Do not be deceived – fundamental does not mean easy!


Extend & Explore Class

This class is designed for experienced students and focuses on more complex moves and choreography. It is designed to challenge you to progressively explore your limits and find new levels of movement awareness and strength. To get the most from this class you will need to be confident with the fundamental exercises and concepts to allow for smooth transition between exercises and less rest time between exercises. If unsure of your suitability for these classes, please speak to one of our Experienced teachers.

Extend yourself  – continue your Pilates journey to better movement

Strengthen, Lengthen Tone Classes, Clinical Pilates

Form & Function

This higher energy class combines the control and strength work of classical Pilates Reformer exercises with progressions to functional movements. We may even add some weight training to the session to make sure you feel the benefits. This is ideal for those wanting to feel like you are working on strength aswell as length.  Please speak with one of our Experienced Teachers to discuss your suitability for this class.

Experience true inner strength

All Pilates attendees must first have an Initial Assessment by one our Physiotherapists.

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