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In this series of videos Cath welcomes you to your Freedom@Home Membership and tells you a little bit about what to expect and where to start, so you can get the most out of your Reformer.

This set of quick 10-15 minute sessions are a great way to learn & perfect a wide variety of exercises on your Pilates reformer. Challenge yourself to a session a day over 21 Days and you will be setting yourself up for success – yippee.

This set of classes are designed to help you get to know your reformer.

Suitable for beginners through to experienced Pilates students. This class is taught at a slower rate to focus on form, technique and confidence. 

This class is designed for experienced students and focuses on more complex moves and choreography. 

This higher energy class combines the control and strength work of classical Pilates Reformer exercises with progressions to functional movements. 


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